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Provides inline conditional branching in Rules configuration.

See #1698296: [Meta] Merge Conditional Rules for more general efforts to merge conditional branching into Rules.

This module provides Rules plugins for conditionally altering execution flow directly inside a group of actions. Provided plugins include:

  • Conditional
    • If/(Else) If
    • Else
  • Switch
    • Case
    • Default case
  • While

Using these plugins, rules with relatively easy-to-read flows can be built without creating numerous trivial components (with conditions) merely for branching actions. This module also provides a condition set (rule), which evaluates as a condition based on results from a set of actions. This is useful if a condition set requires the results from a rule component.

Note that for elements with a condition (i.e. "if" and "while"), only a simple condition can be configured. It is recommended that complex conditions be constructed as a condition set and then used in the condition elements.

7.x-1.0 release roadmap

Please help RTBC the following in Rules for a 7.x-1.0-rc1 release:

#1666802: Keep embedded elements under compatible containers in container UI

For details, see: #1666834: Release roadmap


Development of this module is supported by PhpStorm Open Source license from JetBrains.

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