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Creating accessible, responsive rubrics in Drupal post

Rubric module allows for the adding of a rubric content type in drupal. It's intended for plugging into assessment engines and while being designed in tandem with the ELMS Collaborative Learning Environment distribution as part of ELMSLN, it should be modular enough to install on any site.


  • Create a responsive Rubric
  • Create an accessible Rubric
  • Support for HTML5 input methods like voice recording in browser and canvas to draw on images
  • Create a rubric as well as assessment methodologies for use with the rubric
  • Flexibility in usage of fields as well as support for any field in contrib (this is just a very complex content type)
  • Views integration
  • Editor that's outside the traditional drupal node edit page due to complexity of the task
  • Usage of field and theme standards to allow modification and overriding of the rubric
  • Rubric templates for producing and migrating starting points as well as sharing rubrics (using Deploy module)
  • Analytics view to filter and overlay data on top of a rubric as to how students have been graded against it.

Check out my youTube channel as it's full of screencasts of the development of the module

Drupal 6

This is a completely different project from the Drupal 6 version which was only ever partially finished. That code is in the repo but unsupported.

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