This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

This project is a set of modules that provide a base for creating online real time strategy games, at its basic similar in nature to ogame and travian, but as development progresses, able to handle increasingly easy and complex games. Following Drupal's philosophy, everything in the RTSG framework has to and will be pluggable. Moreover, being integrated with Drupal, it will allow administrators to fully utilize other features of Drupal, integrating forums, organic groups, and more with RTSG.

A demonstration game is being created using current rtsg framework (and some additional modules).

IMPORTANT: Go to and the Drupal Games and Game APIs group page for ongoing discussions and plans concerning the progress of this module.

This project is aimed to build multiple game types, from short and quick campaigns to persistent and never ending world games.There are many differences between this project and drupalRPG and they will be explained during the documentation building process. RPG is mostly based for Role based games, but the main difference between RTSG and RPG is that actions can occur even if no player is online, this is 'Real time'!.

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