Social sharing buttons that you can drop into any website with attractive SVG-based icons, small download, and browser compatibility. No 3rd-party scripts.

You can choose to add the buttons to the end of certain node types or use the block to put them wherever you want.

Originally designed as share buttons (visitor is encouraged to share your page on their social stream), the buttons can equally be used as follow buttons, where the visitor is encouraged to visit your social stream.

Version 1.x

Based on the original Ridiculously Responsive Social Sharing Buttons by KNI labs.

The plan is that Version 1.x is maintenance fixes only, with new features going in to 2.x.

Version 2.x

Based on the enhanced RRSSB+ by AlbanyWeb - see the linked page for a full list of enhancements.

Installation Instructions

  1. [1.x only] Enable jQuery Update module and set jQuery version to at least 1.10.
  2. Download and enable this module.
  3. If you have drush, it should fetch the RRSSB library automatically. If not, you can manually run 'drush cc drush' and 'drush rrssbdl'.
  4. Otherwise, manually download the library zip file, using the URL on the site "Status report" page to ensure that you get the right version. Extract the files to sites/all/libraries, and rename rrssb-master to the correct directory: rrssb [1.x] or rrssb-plus [2.x].

Current Features

  • Checkbox on content type admin form to enable social buttons for nodes of that type.
  • RRSSB Block
  • Configure which buttons to show.
  • [2.x only] Configure button sizes and number of rows.
  • [2.x only] Prefix text such as "follow us" that automatically reflows and resizes.
  • [2.x only] API hook to add custom buttons.

Note that some of the 2.x only features are partially in 1.x, but not fully working as the library isn't compatible.

Project information