This module integrates with Drupal: after setting up your credentials the module allows to:

  • Automatically upload images from fields to Rokka by using the rokka:// stream wrapper
  • Synchronize Drupal’s Image Styles to Rokka’s ImageStacks
  • Display images from Rokka service

Install and Setup

Due to a hitch in the dependency resolution from the modules, the “composer_manager” module

must be installed first, and only later the “rokka” module.

  • drush en composer_manager -y
  • drush en rokka -y

Most module configuration is handled at admin/config/media/rokka.

Patches for full functionality

While Drupal core and contrib have basic support for remote stream wrappers, most modules have issues where they hard

code URIs or specific file systems. All of these patches add simple alter hooks, so they should be unlikely to cause



  • Rokka access credentials configuration and validation
  • Listing of currently available SourceImages on Rokka
  • Listing of currently available ImageStacks on Rokka with details
  • Map Drupal image-effects to Rokka: image styles are automatically converted and saved to Rokka
  • Batch move images to from existing fields (install the rokka_massmover submodule)
  • Expose Operations as Drupal image-effects (install the rokka_effects submodule)

Additional Rokka-only Image Effects

Please install the rokka_effects submodule.

  • Crop with Background: allow images to be cropped with a bigger size than the original image, configurable background color and transparency
  • Blur: apply blur effect to the image (un-sharpening)

Third-Party modules integration

The Rokka module has been successfully tested with the following third-party modules:

Image Effects support:

This is a preliminary list of image effects supported by Rokka and the Rokka module:

  • Core Drupal “Crop”
  • Core Drupal “Resize”
  • Core Drupal “Rotate”
  • Core Drupal “Scale”
  • Core Drupal “ScaleAndCrop”
  • Focal_Point: “Crop”


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