Drupal 8 Status: Stable, not feature complete.

In general, this module provides features that allow an IP address (or range of IP addresses) to be whitelisted which restrict the functionality of users. Currently there are two features implemented:

Restrict login by IP

When a user is restricted, that user will not be able to log in outside the defined IP address ranges. It is also possible to specify global IP address ranges, which apply to ALL users, including user1. Following a denied log-in attempt, a user is redirected to an error page as specified by the site administrator.

Restrict role by IP

When a role is restricted, that role will not be available to users outside the defined IP address ranges. Role restriction does not affect users' ability to log in, only the availability of the restricted role to users. Role restrictions are available for all roles, except "anonymous user" and "authenticated user".

Any other suggestions are welcome, and please report any problems.


Module Sponsors

6.x-3.x version sponsored by UNC Charlotte.

6.x-2.x, restrict by role addition, sponsored by panthar.

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