This module is undergoing large changes, production use is not recommended.


REST Client is a robust HTTP request module to consume REST style services.

Why use REST Client instead of drupal_http_request():

  • Streams large files
  • Uses Expect 100 header before sending data in case of redirection
  • Fully customizable HTTP request
  • REST utility functions: HMAC, binary SHA1, binary MD5


End Users:

This is for module developers only. Do NOT install unless required by another module.

Module Developers:

Please use drupal_http_request() included in Drupal core. If drupal_http_request()
does not fit your needs, this is a good replacement module. See included README.txt
file for instructions on how to use this module.

Please post an issue for any REST service this does not work for along with a
link to the service's REST API in this projects issue queue.

I would like to hear not only what services this module does NOT work with but also the services it DOES work with.

Project Information