Register Pre-approved provides the means to define a list of email address and domain name patterns for prospective users who are pre-approval to register and access a web site without administrator intervention. This eliminates the need for administrators to approve and assign roles to users from trusted or targeted organizations.

Individual email addresses and domain name patterns can be used in combination, which allows administrators to grant a special role to certain individuals from an organization while everyone else of the same organization is assigned a regular role (or perhaps none at all).

  • Use case #1:
    A registrant's email address matching could be assigned roles "executive" and "employee" while anyone else matching would be assigned "employee" only.
  • Use case #2:
    Referred or migrating user accounts from another web site could be white-listed to streamline the re-registration process.

Register Pre-approved is designed to compliment the "Public registrations" selection on the user settings page. Administrators are strongly encouraged to use the "Require e-mail verification" option to guard against unauthorized users from gaining immediate access to privileged information or features.

Development of this module was originally sponsored by HDP (High Density Packaging) User Group International.

Drupal 7

Special thanks to KeyboardCowboy (Chris Albrecht) for volunteering to spearhead the port of this module to Drupal 7.

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