The refresh module adds the functionality to have the "node display page" automatically refresh (using a meta refresh) using a (per node) configurable number of seconds.

The module hooks into nodeapi/view so refreshing only occurs when actually displaying a node, not when editing one or accessing the admin pages.

Installation and configuration

After installing and enabling the module, you can set permissions at: admin/user/permissions

Users with sufficient permissions can set the refresh period when editing a node.

There is a module configuration page available at: admin/config/user-interface/refresh providing options for a global refresh value and the option to refresh all pages, even non-nodes.

Compatibility of the refresh meta tag

Please note that some web browsers do not honor a refresh meta tag (for example: Mobile Safari). No workaround is implemented yet.


Development is sponsored by Dynamic Presentations.


The Refresh module is maintained by mo6.

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