This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

This module extends reference fields like the user and node reference fields by adding links to add, edit and search for references through a dialog. This allows for a workflow where the user can create all the references to a node at the same time as she is creating it, a process which sometimes get's a bit backwards, when a user for instance needs to create all the facts for an article.

The functionality of this module very closely resembles that of the dialog in the Node Relationships module for Drupal 6, but it is written to be extendable so that support for more fields and entities can be created easily.


Alpha releases should work fairly well, and there should not be any problems with upgrading between them. We will release alpha releases with bug fixes regularly. A beta will be released when:

* We have support for taxonomy term autocomplete widget.
* We have test for the functionality in the module.

A stable release will be released as soon as the beta releases has been tested properly and the worst bugs have been squashed.


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