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This module provides tight coupling between a single Drupal website and a single project in Redmine. The scope of this module is for managing a simple support project with a single Tracker type available. In our case, our support projects use a tracker called Support which is then made available in Drupal, but that is configurable in the admin section for this module, as are several other options.

The module supports:

  • Viewing and filtering a list of issues in a project
  • Creating new issues in a specified project
  • Reading individual issues in detail
  • Marking issues as resolved or re-opened
  • Commenting on issues
  • Attaching files to issues
  • Generating content on Redmine as yourself (providing Drupal usernames match Redmine 'login' names)

This module requires the Textile module to support Redmine's default text formatting language. It also requires the Redmine REST API module to make API calls to Redmine.

Sponsored by Code Enigma Drupal Support.

Written by Greg Harvey.

Supporting organizations: 
Written and maintain.

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