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Redmine API module provides a Drupal API to the REST API of Redmine, a project-management and issue-tracking web-application and open source software package.

Redmine.module provides a class and several API functions to index, load, save and delete issues, time entries, projects and users.

Redmine User Access Keys module manages a profile.module field for user's Redmine API Access Keys, and integrates with REST API Query to use the current user's API Access Key.

Related modules

Which version?

The 6.x-2.x branch depends on REST API Query module, and uses Redmine's REST API (instead of a database connection).

The 1.x version is not maintained and not recommended.


The future of this module with respect to the fork of Redmine to Chiliproject has not yet been determined. Feel free to discuss in the issue queue.

Commercial support

The author of this module is available for hire. Contact Bevan.


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