This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

This module adds a new widget to the CCK Userreference field type, in order to use the Realnames for autocompletion.

If the widget is configured without any view the autocomplete suggestions and the already filled-in values :

  • are in the form "Realname (user name)" if the Realname and the user name are different
  • are in the form "user name" if they are the same

If the widget is configured with a view the autocomplete suggestions have the same behaviour, however when a value is chosen or for the already filled-in values, the display will just be the user name.



  1. Download the recommanded module version and extract in your modules folder.
  2. Enable the module using Administer -> Modules (/admin/build/modules).
  3. Add or edit a CCK Userreference field from admin/content/node-type/[type]/fields and choose the new widget.


This module was written by Guix for the INSU-CNRS.
Its' largely inspired by Node Reference URL Widget written by Quicksketch.

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