This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

This module allows you to read to the Quran (Koran) on Drupal. Initial port for Quran for Drupal 8 do not have complete features yet. There is a plan to add more features later such as search for specific verses by keywords, listen Quran recitation and random verses.

The module includes Quran in Arabic, and English for default translation. This module is using Quran text and translations from

If you love this work, please pray Allah for the goodness of me, my family and all muslimin around the world. Jazakallah (Thanks)

Note: If you are looking for Quran Module for Drupal 7 please use the Quran Drupal distribution hosted at github. The development is hosted there. It also explained here
There is a video of how to install it here

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