"Allow jumping" a new quiz take option was introduced in the recent minor release to overcome this problem however it is not accessible as it displays only the question number.

The "Quiz Progress" module tries to overcome this problem, it provides a block that prints the list questions in the quiz referenced by title or number (with tooltip) depends on the widget configured in module settings, highlighting their status skipped, answered or unanswered as a link. When clicked it will load the requested question. And a link toggle on the top to switch between the skipped questions and the entire list of questions view. At the moment it works only with the quiz that has "Taking Options" set to "Allow jumping".

This idea was adopted from issue #842450: Quiz progress block would be really great

7.x.2.x Version
This version support for Quiz 7.x.5.x version. The Alpha version can be used for Production site also. The 7.x.2.x-dev version have capablity of support Ajax Quiz.

How to use ?

1. Enable the module.
2. Navigate to block administration page. Locate "Quiz progress block". Configure to appear in the desired region. This block will appear only in quiz take tab by default.
3. Create a quiz with "Taking Options" set to "Allow jumping" from edit tab.
4. Grant the permission "access quiz progress".
5. Now in quiz take, a block would appear as in snapshot see on the project page.
6. Modules behaviour and output widget style could be configured from admin UI "admin/quiz/settings/quiz_progress". Needs "administer quiz permission".




This module was developed by Sivaji at KnackForge - The Drupal shop located in Chennai, India. We offer Drupal development, consultancy, hosting and support to customers worldwide. Sponsored by EduLanche.

Recommend version

Beta release is suboptimal use dev version to avail most recent fixes.

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Further Development and Maintanance

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