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This organization is a Drupal services provider.

UniMity has a comprehensive understanding of business and its consultants have many years of expertise in recommending and designing IT solutions for growing businesses. UniMity also has expert knowledge in Internet related technologies and has provided its IT consultancy and software development services to support many organizations to web-enable their business operations.

UniMity’s core software development skills are now focused on building products and solutions with Web 2.0 functionalities. UniMity predominantly uses open-source technologies and platforms, including Drupal CMS, to build robust, cost-effective solutions. UniMity has been one of Pioneers in Drupal Development in India. Our Expertise has been tailoring effective Drupal based solutions for

Some of our Key customers are ITP Publishing, ITC Limited, Across World, Topline Strategies, Avineon and many more.

UniMity completely understands the processes for effective off-shore development and has excellent track record in delivering quality with high levels of customer satisfaction. UniMity has clients in India, USA, Europe, Asia-Pacific and the Middle East.

UniMity PeoplePower is UniMity’s flagship Enterprise Social Media platform which brings the benefits of social media networking into organizations. Large corporate organizations like Murugappa Group, Apollo Hospitals and SriramEPC are using the PeoplePower platform to enhance sense of belonging and sense of identity in their employees while leveraging the platform for collaboration, training and knowledge management.

UniMity’s deep understanding of business, technology and social media makes it the ideal one-stop-shop for all your products and solutions development needs.

Our Unique D2L in Drupal approach enables us to provide contemporary business solutions.

Design & Development

  • Architecture for complex applications
  • Custom Module Development
  • UX and Responsive UI
  • Custom Themes

Cloud infRa

  • AWS expertise
  • Infrastructure design consultancy

User Communities
All Drupal sites need to address community-building and community-nurturing to increase user-participation and user content consumption. This is especially important if the application is aimed at subscribers, customers, employees, and such stakeholders, and continuously increasing this community is critical to deliver business objectives.
UniMity possesses expert knowledge in:

  • User activity Stimulation
  • Analytics feedback system
  • Rich User Profiling

Production readiness

  • Load Testing
  • Security Audit
  • Performance Optimization
  • Cloud Deployment

SMAC track

  • SEO / SMM, Social Media integration
  • APIs for mobile apps
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Cloud Solution Architecture


  • Multi lingual content
  • Localized functionalities
  • Multi domain single code base portals

Drupal contributions

UniMity Solutions has always valued and encouraged contributing back to Drupal. UniMity has contributions to Drupal from Drupal 4.x to now in Drupal 8. They have not limited to code contributions but have been involved in evangelizing drupal, spearheading local drupal groups, facilitating Drupal training for now over 9 years. Some of these initiatives were through partnerships with IEEE and FSFTN and other such open source organisations.

UniMity Solutions is an Organisation Member of Drupal Association.

Unimity Solutions is extremely proud to share that Shyamala Rajaram is Currently serving the board of the Drupal Association. Shyamala has also been a key anchor in all Drupal community initiatives at UniMity and in Drupal Chennai. Some of her contributions inlude:

  • Working as a Project Manager on the Drupal8 Mobile initiative
  • Participated in redesign initiative
  • Participating and Speaking at in Drupal Camps across Asia
  • Participating in DrupalCons
  • Organizing training programs and events

Our star contributors are Arun,Anish and Karthikeyan.

Some of the Drupal Training to Colleges in and Around Chennai with IEEE

Projects supported

Entity Reference Field Formatter, Forgot Email, Import and Invite, [D8] Honey Drops, [D8] Global Logout, Signature Field, Honey Drops, OVA, Annotation Store, [D8] Morecomments, Flexible Responsive, Global Logout, Boost Cache Clear, Quiz Progress, Apache Solr Service, FAQ_Ask

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