QueryBuilder is a module which build dynamic query for developers. That module helps the drupal developer especially those guys which are fresher in drupal. It reduces the amount of time for building query. It also provide option to clear cache of the site every time when cron run. By using QueryBuilder we can build these query statements:-

  • Insert
  • Update
  • Merge
  • Delete
  • Truncate
  • Select
  • Drop


The QueryBuilder module is very similar to other Drupal modules. For installation of the QueryBuilder module please follow the below mentioned steps:


  • There is no configuration for this module.

Similar Projects

A lots of other project like:- Devel, Views are available for drupal 7 which build query. But Query Builder module is different then others because it provide options to build the query on any table which are present in database. It also provide options to clear cache, every time when cron run.


QueryBuilder module is originally written & maintained by Rahul Seth

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