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Qforms or 'Quick Forms' enables users of your site to create custom forms like surveys, questionnaires, contact/request/register forms...

When enabled, this module will create qform content type on your site. Users with correct permission can then create new qform content and in form builder sections can add custom form elements and configure additional form submit actions.
Then users with permission to submit qform can submit them. Submissions are saved in a database table and can optionally be mailed to a multiple email address upon submission.
Past submissions are viewable for users with the correct permissions.

Qforms includes simple reporting tools and is also capable of exporting submitted data to a csv file for detailed statistical calculations.

Qforms module is similar to webform module but it is much lighter then webform and is much simpler for using. The main idea behind qforms module is to keep it simple for the end user. That also means that qforms will never grown into a complex and big module that is difficult to use & administer. Instead, qforms offers to the developers pluggable architecture so other modules can easily add new form element definitions. Also, qforms module use node API and Drupal Form API which is another way to alter qforms behaviors with appropriate Drupal hooks.


  • Main feature of qforms is very easy custom forms creation process. Complex forms can be created in less then a minute.
  • Core qforms form elements:
    • Text field,
    • Text area,
    • Select field (single/multiple),
    • Check-box group,
    • Radio group,
  • Possibility to add custom submit actions to every qform form:
    • Custom 'thank you' message,
    • Redirection to custom site page,
    • Notification of new submissions over email.
  • You can enable/disable qform or individual qform element.
  • Report page of all submissions for a given qform. Also detail view of single submission data.
  • Export of submitted data to csv file.
  • Pluggable architecture so other modules can add new qforms element definitions. New elements definitions are added with hook_qforms() implementation.


Qforms dynamic form creation should work on every modern web browser with javascript support (including IE6). You will not be able to create forms if javascript is disabled in your browser.

Plans for the future

First stable release 1.0

  • More testing and code stabilisation.

For more about future plans check

Additional modules

  • Qforms extra adds additional qform fields for the end user like number, date, url...

Commercial Support

Qforms module is developed and sponsored by MontenaSoft, a Drupal Service Provider. We offer commercial support and custom development based on Qforms module. Please contact us to get more information.

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