Build better music websites. Faster.

Pushtape is a collection of open source tools aimed at musicians, bands, and record labels. Manage your music discography, create news updates, upload photos, and post upcoming shows. Includes a mobile friendly theme, streaming music player, and more to help you get started. Pushtape is optimized to work out of the box as a single band website, but provides a leg up in building almost any type of music site.
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Out of the box workflow.

Dead simple workflow out of the box, so you can start posting content immediately - insteading of navigating endlessly through configuration screens.

Drupal + Soundmanager2 + Pushtape-Player.js

Pushtape builds on top of powerful and battle tested open web technologies to create a rock solid foundation for your music website, saving you time and money researching, configuring and building your site from scratch.

Lean approach.

Our mission is to build a lean foundation for kickstarting your music website or web app following a minimalist philosophy. As a result, the number of contrib modules is kept to an absolute minimum. Of course with Drupal the design, data structure and UX workflow can be extended and customized through add-on modules and themes.

Headless Drupal.

For those interested in a Headless Drupal approach, check out Pushtape Cassette, a decoupled client-side framework that is compatible with this distribution.


Technical Specs

Pushtape uses a combination of core + select contrib modules, with a few custom modules and a custom theme: Pushtape Discography (Features Package), Pushtape Audio (Features Package), Pushtape News (Features Package), Pushtape Events (Features package), Pushtape Photos (Features package), Pushtape Admin (Features package), Pushtape UI (handles "glueing" parts together), Pushtape Player (a custom audio player based on Soundmanager2), Pushtape Services (JSPF/Embed Export), Flux theme

Recommended modules

These is a list of modules that you may want to additionally install for add-on functionality:

Not a module - but check out Tomahawk (tomahawk-player.org) - it supports Pushtape style JSPF feeds!


Project Information