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Aegir & Git

Provision Git is a backend Drush module built for the AEgir Hostmaster/Provision system. This is only for use with provision, the backend component of AEgir. It does not provide any front-end tasks to Hostmaster.

This project is intended to be as low level as possible so that other more complex tasks can be built on top. It provides 5 drush commands:

  • drush @alias provision-git-pull or drush @alias pull
    Calls git pull --rebase. Option --reset will call git reset --hard to reset working copy files and allow a rebase.
  • drush @alias provision-git-push or drush @alias push
    Calls git push.
  • drush @alias provision-git-add path/within/alias/root or drush @alias add path/within/alias/root
    Calls git reset --hard
  • drush @alias provision-git-commit or drush @alias commit
    Calls git commit -am "Message". Use the option --message="Commit Message" to add a commit message
  • drush @alias provision-git-reset or drush @alias reset
    Calls git reset --hard

Compatible Modules

Installation Notes

When installing with drush, you must explicitly add the version number. drush dl provision_git-6.x

Aegir 7.x-3.x

The 7.x code moved to hosting_git repo under the 'drush' directory.

See for more details on how/why: #2300537: Merge Provision extensions into Hosting modules


This project is being developed by THINKDROP. It was built to power the DevShop Project.

Original code inspired by hosting_site_git by helmo and Gerben Spil.

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