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Properties widget to edit properties on a piece of content


Provides a dynamic properties field that allows to store product properties or similarly structured information. A property consists of an attribute, the name of the property and a value. It belongs to a category.

Properties are stored in a structured way so that they can be compared, indexed, processed and displayed in different ways. By default, a table and a definition list formatter is provided.

Separate modules allow to compare properties of different entities and and to create templates consisting of categories.


  • Maintain categories and attributes through an
    administrative user interface
  • Provides a dynamic properties field that can be attached to any entity
  • AJAX-ified table widget allows to easily add properties to content
  • Properties can be displayed either as a table or a definition list
  • Compare properties of different entities
  • Create templates which can be selected when creating new content
  • Fine-grained permissions systems allows users to freely choose categories and attributes or just select from pre-defined templates


Properties is for Drupal 7 only.

Known problems

No known problems at this time. Please create an issue if you encounter something!


No tutorials have been created yet! You can help by creating one and tell us about it so that that we can link to it!

There is however a demonstration site available to try out the module.


No pledges have been made. But any kind of feedback is welcome, be it UX or AX and we'll try to improve the module!


This project has been sponsored by Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts


Similar projects

  • TableField provides a table field type, which can contain any type of tabular data. This project focuses on simple properties for which a table is only a possible display mode out of many.
  • Field collection provides a fieldable field which also allows images and other field types but does not contain the additional features of this project like administration of attributes and category, comparison and the fine-grained permissions.
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