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This module was initial developed for and the module clean up and release of the module has been sponsored by Mike Jonas from

Profile Setup for Drupal 6

Profile setup for Drupal 6 now works along side the pageroute module (6.x-1.x-dev) to provide additional page types via the pageroute API, so completely custom profile setup workflows are now more flexible than ever thanks to the help of the pageroute module.

Full setup instructions are given in the INSTALL.txt file in the module folder, so please READ THEM BEFORE YOU INSTALL THIS MODULE or consider submitting a bug report.

If you are upgrading from the Drupal 5 version please read the UPGRADE.txt file in the module folder.

Seeking a co-maintainer, please get in touch if interested.

Profile Setup for Drupal 7

This module will be dropped in favour of the Profile Setup API ( which is offer the same functionality and more.

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