This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

Pollfield is a CCK field module, enabling multiple types of user polls.

Because pollfield allows you to build polls as part of the CCK system, this module provides a more flexible polling option than the Drupal core poll module.


  • Create single and multiple choice polls
  • Allow anonymous voting (tracked by IP address, cookie, or unlimited)
  • Allow your users to cancel/change their vote
  • Automatically close polls after a specified time period
  • Control who can see poll results, before and after voting
  • Create default settings for new pollfields, while still giving your site editors the ability to change questions, add choices, and modify settings.


Pollfield requires:

The Drupal 5 version of this module is no longer available or supported.


Our current development priorities for the future are listed in order below:

Known problems

Views integration is currently pretty buggy. Work is being tracked on #805032: How do I tally votes in a view


Huge thank you to previous maintainers:

Current maintainer: Branislav Bujisic

Please test D7 dev version and post comments and bugs..

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