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Pollfield requires the Content Creation Kit (CCK). Enable the module under Modules page on your site. The Pollfield module requires CCK, so ensure you have CCK enabled first.


  • Download CCK, and enable the "Content" module
  • Download Pollfield and enable the "Pollfield" module.

If you are unfamiliar with installing Drupal modules please read, "Installing contributed modules".

Setting up a Pollfield field

You need to create the Pollfield field in a content type where you want Pollfield functionality to appear, just as you would with any other CCK field.

Common content types where Pollfield functionality is used are Story and Forum topic. The advantage of Story with Pollfield over regular Poll content type is you can add text (Body field) to explain your poll as necessary.

Under Manage fields tab of the chosen content type fill in the New field form. For Type of data choose Pollfield, Form element to edit the data will automatically display Pollfield as the only choice.

After you click Save you will be presented with general CCK options for the field. Here you set the Maximum number of possible "Response" fields:, this will set the maximum number of responses ever possible in the Pollfield for this particular content type. Not all Response fields need to be filled in when creating a poll, the ones left blank will not be displayed when viewing the content.

Under Default value > Pollfield settings fieldset you can set the defaults for the Pollfield options. Set these to options you predict will be the most common choice to make creating new content faster and easier.

Under Global settings you choose whether the field is required. For general usage with Stories and Forum topics it makes sense to uncheck it. Under Number of values set the number of independent polls you want to see in your content. Setting it to unlimited will give you the option to add as many Pollfields as necessary when creating content.

Looking for support? Visit the forums, or join #drupal-support in IRC.