Page manager existing pages allows you to override/configure Drupal menu paths so you can create variants with Page manager, which is bundled in the CTools project.

Technically, this project defines one abstract task and one content type plugin, so menu items can be overridden and the original page callback can be called through the content type plugin. This project comes with one default existing page, which is 'node', the default Drupal frontpage.

Tested overridden paths

  • Drupal frontpage at 'node'.
  • Media file paths as 'media/%'.
  • Apache Solr search pages at any path you defined.
  • FAQ at 'faq-page', 'faq-page/%', 'faq-page/list' and 'faq-page/%/list'.

In theory, any menu callback can now be overridden. Default contexts can be added for entity paths, but will need more testing.


Install the module as usual, more info can be found on
You should also install Panels, which is not a dependency for this module but is the recommended module to start overriding page layouts. Panels can be found at


On admin > structure > pages click "add existing page".
There you can override your page. If you don't know the exact path you override, there is a search box below. Just start to type and it will automatically find what you want.
Once you have done this you should go back to admin > structure > pages and enable the page you just created.


See a screencast to see the module in action:
Blog post with screenshots:

PMEP vs others

  • Panels everywhere: Panels everywhere takes over the complete page template where this module takes over the content area.
  • Panelizer: panelizer will take over certain entitiy paths like node, taxonomy and user. PMEP can potentially take over any Drupal path with Page manager as its main UI.

Project information