This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

Important Note: This module is discontinued in favor of Apache Solr AutoTrack and Recommender API. The two modules provides much more powerful features. I'll write some documentations later on how to use ApacheSolr AutoTrack and Recommender API to provide all the functions by Conversation Pivots.

Below is the description of the Conversation pivots for D5.

(NOTE: The new release makes some substantial code changes. Please upgrade to the latest release.)

The basic idea of the pivots module is to help users navigate from one node to other related nodes based on shared characteristics in multiple dimensions. Specifically, conversation pivots allow readers to navigate from nodes to forum conversations about them; double pivots allow readers to navigate from nodes to other nodes mentioned in the same forum conversations. Future release of the module might make use of taxonomy, browse history, or other information in order to find relations between nodes.

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