This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

When a user browses a node page, this module automatically sends a query about the node to ApacheSolr, and display query results in a side block.

Admins or node authors can choose what information of the node to be included in the query automatically sent to ApacheSolr, for example, node title, node URL, taxonomy terms, or any CCK field. A typical usage scenario is to detect references of a node in other nodes. For example, on a blog node, this module can detect and display other blogs on the site that references the blog. For another example, on a Ubercart product page, this module can detect and display references of the product in the site forums.

To improve performance, the module could cache the results so that it wouldn't query too much. Also, the query can be carried out offline in a cron batch and then cached for later use.

Together with the Recommender API based modules, this module can replace the Conversation Pivots module.

Note: The developer (myself) is working on the Recommender Bundle GSoC'09 project, and won't be working on this module until September. If you are interested in co-developing the module, please let me know. Thanks!

This module would be based on Apache Solr Views, but provide a simplified configuration interface. Refer to #489890: Solicit feedback for the new ApacheSolr AutoTrack module

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