This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

This module is now a submodule of Permissions by Term and will no longer be maintained here!

Why Permissions by Entity module?

Per default the Permissions By Term module extends Drupal by functionality for restricting access to single nodes via taxonomy terms. The Permission by Entity module extends this functionality so that you can not even restrict access to singles nodes but any content entity like eg. paragraphs, media bundles or even user pages via taxonomy terms.

How to use this module?

The following short video demonstrates how to use Permissions By Entity
Youtube Presentation of Permissions By Entity - How to use it

An example: Restricted Access to paragraph content

Paragraphs content added to a node can be configured using taxonomy terms, to be only visible for users that belong to a specific user role. If the user is not in that specific user role, the content of this paragraph will not be shown on the node detail page to the user.

More will follow soon...

The way to configure this, is the same as described for single nodes at the project page of Permissions by Term.

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