This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

The Drupal 7 version is different to the Drupal 6 version. The Drupal 6 version has less features.

This project collects various small hacks which disable or alter core behaviour due to performance or scalability, but which are not significant enough to deserve individual projects, and which for whatever reason aren't currently viable for patches to Drupal 7 core.

If you're considering using this module, you should look at the following other projects first, much of what's contained here will be pointless unless you're already using them:

Also note that these hacks may disable functionality that certain features rely on, use with care if at all.

Current features

Drupal 7

  • Node render caching - up to 30-40% performance improvement if you use memcache as a cache backend.
  • Lightweight menu_primary_links()/menu_secondary_links() - if you have only a single level of links in these menus, this converts 3 SQL queries plus path specific cache_get() to a single sitewide cache_get().
  • Better page cache expiration - clear only the page cache for node/$nid when a node is updated or comment posted instead of the whole thing. Basic support for setting cache expiration differently based on router items (improvements forthcoming)

Drupal 6

  • D6: Change the term_data.description field to a varchar to avoid costly on-disk queries.

Development of the Drupal 6 version is sponsored by WebWise Solutions and Symantec.

Development of the Drupal 7 version was originally sponsored by Clarity Digital Group, and is currently sponsored by

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