This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

Adds the Perfect Audience Retargeting tracking code to your website. An account is required at

Installation Instructions:

* Download the module, install it on your Drupal site and enable it.
* In the admin "Site configuration" area, click "Perfect Audience Retargeting."
* Paste in your unique "site ID" (found in your Perfect Audience dashboard under "Manage" -> "Site Tracking Tag." This value is saved in the 'perfectaudience_site_id' variable.
* Save your settings.


You site tracking code will now be added to all of the pages of your Drupal site.
Log back into your Perfect Audience account to create campaigns and retargeting lists.

If the ubercart is installed and enabled two extra variables will have dynamic values set on the checkout confirmation page. _pa.orderId will be populated with the $order->primary_email value and _pa.revenue will have the order total value. The _pa.revenue value is an integer with two decimal places. No dollar sign is included.


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