This module lets you show a preview of PDF files uploaded through FileField.

This module uses ImageMagick to extract the first page of a PDF file to a JPEG image which is used as PDF preview link to the file.

In Drupal 6, if imagecache module is available, you can select any imagecache preset for the PDF preview image link.

In Drupal 7, image styles are available to use as preview image.

Instead of convert pdf files onto a set of images like PDF to ImageField does, and lost any connection to the PDF file, PDFPreview extract only the first page and uses it as link to PDF file.

The images are stored on a configurable folder inside your files folder, so it's fully compatible with multisite installations. If the image is missing at display moment it will be created.

Usage 7.x-2.x

Install like any other module and enable it.
Go to "Manage display" for your content type and select "PDFPreview" as formatter for a file field.
Click on configure button and select the image style, where to link, which tag to use, and if descriptions must be displayed beside the preview. You can use CSS to display it on a pretty manner.

Requisites for 7.x-2.x

  • File module and some file fields
  • Image module
  • ImageMagick toolkit enabled and configured, not need to be default toolkit

Usage 6.x-1.0 release

Install like any other module and enable it.
Go to "Display fields" page of your content type and select "PDFPreview" as formatter.
If you have imagecache enabled, you will have one "PDFPreview: presetname image" option for each imagecache preset you have.
You can also use it as a field formatter on a Views view.

Requisites for 6.x-1.0

  • ImageAPI module with ImageMagick toolkit enabled and configured. Is not necessary to be set as default toolkit.
  • FileField module and a content type which uses it.
  • Imagecache module if you want to use other image sizes or add efects to thumbnails.

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