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This is an API module. Only install it if another module tells you to or if you are a developer and want to use its functions.

The goal of this module is to take the pain out of some aspects of dealing with PDFs so that module authors can focus on their specific applications.

The initial goal of this module is to provide parsing and merging (filling) support for Certify and Fill PDF.

Having a unified module will also make it easier to support new PDF-related functions and to fix bugs related to the current ones in one place.

Working with PDFs can also be a bit annoying, and implementing modules can avoid dealing with that annoyance alone. Ideally, all maintainers of implementing modules will be co-maintainers on this one, at least where it makes sense.

The following parse and fill methods will be supported:

  • pdftk (from Certify and Fill PDF)
  • Custom JavaBridge servlet (from Fill PDF)
  • Fill PDF Service (from Fill PDF)

The following additional methods are under consideration:

This module primarily focuses on existing PDF forms, not on generation. Its focus is sufficiently broad to have a good feature set, but narrow enough to avoid getting bloated. Generation might be considered if a good use case is presented. Use the issue queue for that.

Development and issues

Development is happening in the issue queue!

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