What does this module do?

Most PDF modules generate PDFs from scratch; FillPDF is not one of those modules. Instead, it lets you fill in existing editable PDFs with data from your Drupal site. Editable PDFs are those forms that let you type into them. Read more.

Looking for D8 co-maintainer

It would be nice to get stuff reviewed and committed faster. See #2853409: Seeking co-maintainer for Drupal 8 if interested.

8.x-4.x and 7.x-1.x are the latest recommended releases

New features will be developed in 8.x-4.x. There is not yet a migration from the 7.x versions to 8.x-4.x.

7.x-1.x will, in general, receive backwards-compatible backports from 8.x-4.x.

Main features

To learn about how to use all module features, see the documentation.

  • Fill PDFs with node, Webform, (D7) Ubercart, (D8) any entity tokens (includes CCK (D6)/field (D7, D8) tokens).
  • Stamp images (signatures, for example) on to PDFs. (See how.)
  • Export and import field mappings - useful when a PDF has changed and been re-uploaded
  • Save the generated PDF to a file in public or private storage instead of issuing a download to the user's browser. Or do both.
  • Transform field values: Replace field values after the mappings have been processed. For example, replace 1 with Yes to cause a checkbox to be checked in the PDF, which may need a different value for this than the field provides. Useful if you don't want to change the field values just to satisfy the PDF.
  • Rules integration: This allows you to, for example, send a filled PDF form upon submission of a node. Add Webform Rules for Webform compatibility. Documentation.


Try the module out: FillPDF Service Demo | Simplytest.me


  • Token
  • (8.x) File, Link, Views, Serialization, Options



  • Issue queue: The most reliable way to get help is the issue queue. This lets other people see your questions and benefit as well. Keep in mind that response time varies. Sometimes you'll get a reply the same day, and other times it may take weeks. You may need or want to seek paid support or a FillPDF Service subscription (as below) if you need urgent help.
  • IRC/drupal.org contact form: If you can catch me (wizonesolutions) on IRC, I might have time to answer a quick question. I usually don't. Same goes for the contact form. IRC note: Talk to me publicly if you do. I ignore unexpected private messages.
  • FillPDF Service subscription: As mentioned on the site, paying subscribers get better support.

Paid consulting and support is also an option, subject to availability. Inquire for details.

Who uses FillPDF?

Please get in touch if you'd like to be added to this list.

  • University of Waterloo
  • FillPDF Service (of course!)
  • Many other unnamed souls (see installation count below)

Help fund development

Get in touch if you'd like to sponsor development, and we can figure something out.


#1705740: Integrate with digital signature service or technology (comments wanted)

Development Plans (as of 30 November 2015)

  • #1393056: [Meta] Write tests
  • Time permitting, backport major 8.x enhancements (namely support for entity tokens and improved private file handling code) to 7.x.

Other Sponsors

  • Tom D. Davidson - sponsored field-value transformation and save-as-file features for Drupal 6
Supporting organizations: 
Project lead's company; facilitates having time to work on module.
Project lead's company; uses the module to provide FillPDF Service API functionality.
Helped with originally getting image stamping functionality working.
Facilitated contributing private file support and some fixes.
Helping with maintenance. Helped get the module cleaned up, security issues fixed, and Webform 4.x token support done.

Project information