Status message

This organization is a Drupal services provider.

Project Ricochet believes the power of Open Source. Our specialties include Drupal Development, node.js, meteor js. We also do mobile applications with phonegap.

Drupal contributions

Internationalization Feature - We noticed that the 404 page doesn't provide a localized version of the page in the same way that other nodes are translated. So we created a module for this functionality and submitted it to the community to see which way they'd prefer to go.
Patch to Field Collection Module - At the time, Field Collections didn't support Revisions. This was a pretty big deal, so we patched it and submitted it back to the community.

Patch to Flush Page Cache Module - We submitted a patch to extend the functionality of the module.
Any Menu Path

Any Menu Path - allows you to put any relative path you'd like for a menu entry, even if the path doesn't exist on your site.

Path Memory - This module will allow a user with the proper permission to override Apache's default memory setting on specific Drupal paths.

Projects supported

SimpleSAML Runtime Config, Evercurrent, Ricochet Maintenance Helper [moved], Ricochet Maintenance [moved] , Publish to Apple News, Pathauto Force Regenerate, Commerce Payment Settings Switcher, Pathauto Regenerate, FillPDF