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This module provides a configurable "tabs" Panel style that can be used by any Panels module.

The module supports the following tab modes:

  1. Normal tabs (horizontal filling disabled).
  2. Horizontally filling, equal width tabs: sets the width property, forcing each tab to be equally wide. If the text doesn't fit in the tab, the overflow will be hidden.
  3. Horizontally filling, smart width tabs: calculates the length of the text in each tab and compares this to the total length of the text on all tabs. It then sets the width property of each tab according to the percentage of text the tab contains.

Pager links inside panels (e.g. views with pagers) will automatically be updated to ensure that the same tab is opened when the page is loaded.

Drupal 7 Version

Development has started on the 7.x-2.x version with new features and fixes. If you upgrade from 7.x-1.x, test your site since tab IDs are changed.

Panels Tabs requires Panels 7.x-3.1 +.

Dependencies for Drupal 6 Version

jQuery / jQuery UI / Tabs Issues

The tabs module can be quite picky about which version of jQuery & jQuery UI you use. I have attempted to clarify the situation in this issue:
#1043432: jQuery & jQuery UI requirements

Drupal 5 Version

Development has frozen on the Drupal 5 version and is no longer actively maintained


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