Translatable custom panels panes with body and optional title, stored as variables.

  • Panes exposed as both panels panes and blocks
  • Each pane has a body and optional title
  • Translatable via i18n's i18n_variable module
  • Contextual link to quickly edit or translate
  • Stored as variables for easy ctools/features export

7.x-2.x Version

With the 7.x-2.x version Panes have removed the dependency on the Variable API module and switched to having two types of CTools exportables: Containers and Data. Each Container can use exported Data or rely on having Data created in the appropriate environment. This allows for guaranteed creation of the Container and configuration that can be exported to Features while allowing the actual content to vary depending on the environment. There are currently two Container types defined, Text and Entity Reference, and additional ones can be defined. The major changes are outlined below:

  • Ability to export Pane Containers and Data separately.
  • Pluggable architecture allowing different types of Panes -- currently text and entity references are created

Project Information