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PageFlip simulates "flipping through the pages" of books, magazines, comics, flyers, or other "book"-like content.

PageFlip includes two viewers: PageFlip MegaZine3 Viewer and PageFlip HTML/JavaScript Viewer. The former uses the open-source Flash-based MegaZine3 page flipping engine while the latter is a custom viewer written with jQuery.

Content is created using three content types:

  • PageFlip Page: Represents a page and allows uploading two resolutions of each page.
  • PageFlip Chapter: Represents a chapter or section and acts as a container for PageFlip Pages.
  • PageFlip Book: Represents one full document (e.g. a comic book). Defines the front cover page, inside-front-cover pages, and chapters that comprise the book.

The reason PageFlip allows uploading two separate images (rather than simply using ImageCache to resize the image) is because your content that was created for the 1920x1080 resolution might look horrible when scaled to 1280x720.


General features:

  • Pages are arranged so that chapters always start on the right-hand side.

The HTML/JavaScript viewer

  • fades between page pairs when "flipping" pages--not quite as fancy as the MegaZine viewer, but more fun than a page refresh
  • has a drop-down "Front cover/chapter 1/chapter 2..." selector that allows quickly navigating through the book being viewed
  • optionally integrates with ShareThis (provides a place to paste your ShareThis widget code on its settings page)
  • optionally integrates the vote_up_down module for book voting

The MegaZine3 Flash viewer

  • provides a setting to customize options sent to MegaZine in the XML <book> tag
  • provides a setting to customize options in each XML <page> tag
  • allows overriding XML generation on any page with completely customized XML


  • CCK
  • Flash viewer requires MegaZine3 -- unpack it into (e.g.) sites/all/libraries/mz3 and set it up at admin/settings/pageflip/megazine3

PageFlip is sponsored by Carpe Chaos and developed and maintained by OpenSourcery.

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