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A node displaying multiple rows (aka "tiers") with admin options displayed
Page builder set up on node bundle level

The page builder extends nodes to have multiple content "tiers" (like rows) of tier content (of different types). This is the basic framework that creates the entity type (tier) and ships with an optional example "formatted paragraph" tier type.

Executive summary

Traditional CMS web forms and WYSIWYG editors can easily fall short in providing complex layout solutions without relying on a high technical level of the content editors or very complex web forms and field collections. The page builder removes the barriers of forcing a content type to have a set amount and order of fields by allowing snippets of content in "rows" with individual layout and display formatting.

For example, a news article may need content starting with an opening paragraph, then a captioned images, followed by some more text, then a video, then a gallery, etc. Each individual post could have it's own requirements.

Main features

  • Provides an entity type (tiers) for mini content types that could be used as rows.
  • Alters existing content types on bundle level to enable the builder, as well as which tier types to include.
  • Allows individual editing of each content tier, with inline sorting operations.

Extending the page builder

Tier types are fieldable entities which means the reach and extent of what the page builder can add to content is limited only by imagination. Add custom code into additional modules to further enhance the display and behavior of the builder.

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