This is a driver that allows Drupal to use an Oracle Database ( instead of MySQL as the primary backend.

To create drupal nodes in a MySQL backend from Oracle tables you should use somenthing like project, which is a robust data migration solution.

Eventually you can even store your site "files" directory inside Oracle with this module: (let's say to have Oracle RMAN backup all your user data or
to search on it with the Oracle Text engine) or even use to implement an oracle backend for file storage.

A drupal_api PL/SQL package is also available to write/read drupal 6.x nodes and CCK fields, from PL/SQL procedures. You can write things like:

               v_node:= drupal_api.new_node(p_title    => 'Lorem ipsum',
                 p_type   => 'my_news_ct',
                 p_body  => 'lorem......',
                 p_language => 'en');

               drupal_api.set_node_field(v_node,'publish_from_date', sysdate);

       for news in (select * from table(drupal_api.get_nodes_by_type('my_news_ct'))) loop
           if drupal_api.get_node_dat_field(news,'publish_from_date') < sysdate then

              .... do whaterver ....

           end if;

       end loop;


Development is sponsored by Plurimedia.

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