A listing of project entries using the Drupal Optimizely module.

This module makes it easy to add the Optimizely tracking code in your page's HEAD.

Optimizely.com is a A/B testing tool that helps you optimize your site's conversion rate.

Enable the module, go to the settings page and add your Optimizely account ID. Enabling the default project will apply the Optimizely javascript snippet site wide "*" or adjust the path setting for the Default project to target specific pages. Additional project entries are also support for Silver and higher Optimizely accounts.

This module is created and sponsored by Netstudio, a drupal development company in Athens, Greece.

7.x-2.x Support added for multiple project entries for a Silver+ Optimizely accounts. Each project entry specifies target paths to include the Optimizely project (Javascript) on the specific site paths. Targeting paths eliminates the need to load Optimizely javascript on every page of a site resulting in better general site performance.

Each entry can be:

  • enabled / disabled
  • point to a single or multiple paths
  • specific paths and / or wildcards
  • any change to an entry is applied immediately by clearing the specific page cache based on the paths supplied by the entry.

The 7.x-2.x branch is sponsored by DoSomething.org, a non-profit aimed at helping youth work toward social causes. The Dosomething.org office is in New York City, USA.

7.x-3.x: Currently in development to add new features.

  • Drush support:
    • drush optimizely-set-id ###
  • Limit projects by user role
  • Significant performance gains from moving project paths to optimizely_project_paths database table.

See the issue queue for 3.x functionality currently under discussion.

The 8.x-1.x branch is under development in conjunction with Drupal 8 core development. Follow the conversion process on the Optimizely to Drupal 8 blog.

Release 8.x-1.0 is a completed conversion of the 7.x-2.17 version of the module and has all of the latter's functionality and fixes.

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