This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

OpenSearch Plugin

Provides browser search integration via the OpenSearch plugin protocol. It adds a search addon for Firefox and IE7 to Drupal sites, much like those found at MyCroft or the IE7 Search Providers.

For more OpenSearch integration and server-side searching, see the OpenSearch module.


  1. Make sure the Core module, Search, is enabled, without it this module will not work
  2. Download and extract the latest release of the module to your sites/all/modules directory
  3. Enable the module at admin/build/modules
  4. Drupal 6: visit admin/settings/opensearchplugin to tweak various settings, maybe setting a Data URI for the icon
  5. Drupal 7: visit admin/config/search/opensearchplugin to tweak various settings, or use Configure operation from Modules page
  6. Now click on your search provider and add the new OpenSearch engine

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