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OpenPublish is a Drupal 7 packaged distribution designed for the online news industry. It is deployed in a variety of media outlets sites including magazines, newspapers, journals, trade publications, broadcast, wire service, multimedia sites and membership publications. OpenPublish is no longer maintained by Phase2, it is an open source project that is free for anyone to use and contribute.

OpenPublish is a collection of multiple modules. We have created a group,, which is probably the best place to ask questions and find answers, unless you are having a specific technical problem directly related to the installation profile. In that case, feel free to open an issue in the issue queue.

The 7.x branch of OpenPublish (the Drupal 7 version) is a lighter, more site builder targeted distro. It doesn't necessarily have all the bells and whistles that its D6 predecessor did, but we believe it is a better starting point for building a serious publishing site. It comes with 2 themes, a stripped down but solid starter theme called Frame and a full featured themed called Gazette. Both of these themes are based on Omega. We encourage you to download OpenPublish and use it as a starting point in your site build. Extend it with new modules, create a sub theme and change the way it looks, add new content types, taxonomies and views, customize everything about your site. We hope we've provided a solid starting point for you. If there are features you feel are missing or bugs you find as you work with OpenPublish, please post them in the issue queue.

OpenPublish was created with the support of Thomson Reuters.

Please feel encouraged to contribute code, tutorials, screencasts, and other documentation for OpenPublish

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