openlayers_plus is a collection of behaviors that work with the Drupal OpenLayers module, version 2 and up. This module requires the OpenLayers module, but not vice versa.

This provides the following functionality in the full version.
Not all of these are upgraded/implemented yet for Drupal 7.

Upgraded are:

  • BlockSwitcher: a clone of LayerSwitcher, with better themability and positioning via the Drupal block system.
  • BlockToggle: a version of BlockSwitcher that toggles between two different layers only. Useful for situations in which layers represent the same data in slightly different ways.
  • ThemeRegion: Inserts an entire Drupal Theme Region on top of the map, as a control. Can be used to place 1 or more blocks on top of your map (for example, if you want to use the map fullscreen. Will probably need you to do some css yourself to get it right.
  • Popup: an interaction with point-based, clustered maps that allows clicking on points that results in scanning between items.
  • Tooltip: an interaction with point-based maps that results in following links on hover.

Currently being developed in the dev version:

  • Legend: a block in a corner of a map that provides information on layers. #2002546: Restore Legend Functionality
  • Scale Points: dynamic styling, changing point radii based on a certain value #1940622: Scalepoints
  • MapText: Inserting all blocks in a region on the map, with toggle buttons for each block.

Still to be done (and accepting patches for):

  • Permalink: a version of Permalink optimized to persist layers between pages with different layer setups and without explicitly using the control.

This module does not provide thorough theming or accessory images: it's the responsibility of the site builder to tune styling.

This module was originally written by Tom McWright for Development Seed. The Drupal 7 upgrade is sponsored by UNICEF Uganda for the Devtrac project.

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