This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

This module is intended to help government websites to comply with the new US Government Open Data Policy. It accomplished this by providing a new 'Dataset' content type to an existing Drupal site, and exposing nodes of that type at /data and /data.json.


Soon, the Open Data Policy will require federal agencies to publish /data and /data.json pages. These pages will tell the world what datasets the agency has, and where to find them (if they're publicly accessible). The /data.json pages will be crawled by the new to dynamically build out a comprehensive up-to-date catalog of public data sets.

Related projects

  • DKAN Distribution This project aims to be a Drupal Open Data portal and a clone of the CKAN Data portal software
  • DKAN Dataset This module provides the ability to create and publish datasets in a DCAT compatible format.

What's the difference between DKAN, DKAN Dataset, and Open Data?

The Open Data module strives to quickly provide a simple, lightweight solution that can be plugged into nearly any existing Drupal site with minimal dependencies.

The DKAN Dataset module is used by the DKAN distribution. It can also be used as a standalone module. It defines a set of content types, similar to the Open Data module, but with a much larger, more robust feature set. This necessitates more module dependencies, and a larger footprint.

The DKAN distribution allows you to create a standalone website that serves as a full-on data portal. It ships with its own theme, and has an excellent UX for large-scale data management.

Ideally, the DKAN Dataset module and the Open Data module will share a common base content type, so that the distribution and modules are all interoperable. The strategy for interaction between these modules is currently being considered.




This module supplies features to define required content types and views. When new versions of Open Data are released, changes to these features may be included. To apply these updates, you will need up to update the Open Data module and revert the affected features via the UI or Drush.


Thanks to everyone who contributed at the kickoff Drupal GovDays 2013 sprint!

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