This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

Note: The open source ad server software formerly known as OpenX (and before that Openads) was sold by OpenX Technologies, Inc to one of the developers and is now referred to as Revive Adserver. See and for the announcements.

This module integrates the popular open source ad server Revive Adserver (formerly OpenX and before that Openads) with Drupal. The last versions the Drupal 6.1.x branch of this module was tested with were OpenX 2.6 and OpenX 2.4. The Drupal 6.2.x branch and 7.1.x versions of this module have been tested with Revive Adserver is 3.0.5 but have not been tested with any previous versions of Revive Adserver and its previous incarnations (OpenX/Openads).

Previously supported OpenX invocation methods include:

  • Javascript (default)
  • Remote
  • Local

In the 6.2.x and 7.1.x branch of this module the same invocation methods above are supported and have been tested with Revive Adserver version 3.0.x.

Features include:

  • Define which ads show to which user roles
  • Extended information in ad_channel, including full url and user role
  • Ads are available as blocks or can be inserted manually into templates.


This module only integrates with a working instance of Revive Adserver. Installing and configuring Revive Adserver as an ad server is beyond the scope of this module. If you are looking for help with Revive Adserver, please consult these resources:


Sept 18th, 2008
I've tested with a fresh install of OpenX 2.6 and so far ads are showing up
just fine for the Javascript, Remote and XML-RPC invocation methods. I
have not been able to test Local mode yet. This is with an unmodified
Openads drupal module.

Dec, 2014
A new branch for Drupal 6 (6.2.x) and for Drupal 7 (7.1.x) have been created to test against Revive Adserver 3.0.x and to update all references to Revive Adserver where they were previously OpenX or Openads.

Miscellaneous Notes

Note that in order to use the Local invocation method you must have an Revive Adserver
adserver installation on the same machine as your Drupal site and it must have
the same top level domain. This is an Revive Adserver requirement.

In order to use the XML-RPC method you must have the PEAR XML-RPC library installed
and you must have the Revive Adserver file from the Revive Adserver installation files in your PHP path.

The methods other than Javascript will not work correctly if a user is browsing a cached page
such as for anonymous users. The openads module will fallback to the Javascript method to
serve ads if Drupal is set to use caching and the current user is the anonymous
user. Please help to test this out if you are using any of the invocation methods other
than Javascript!!

Original development of this module was sponsored by Ambiweb GmbH
Updates and the Drupal 6 port were done in part for the Beijinger

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