This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

Allows the Project issue tracking module to function well on a site that has Organic groups enabled. Without this module, the issue tracker does not work well if you enable Organic groups. The module assumes that your project nodes are Group nodes and that issues should be targeted to that project/group node.


  1. When you click on the OG "add issue" link og_project should see the gids[]= in the URL and use that for the project.
  2. It provides a token for the og_project_shorname.


  1. Makes sure that comment followups include an audience field so that it doesn't get removed and to allow moving issues between groups. (note that this is broken in the current 5.x code)
  2. Project links to node/add/project-issue/{project-name} should prepopulate the OG audience
  3. Filter the assignees list by OG
  4. Changing the Project will change the Organic group associated

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