Associate menus with Organic Groups.


  • create one or more menus per Organic Group
  • configure and apply menu permissions in a group context
  • add/edit menu links directly from the entity (node) form
  • provides single menu and multiple menu blocks
    • OG Menu : single will display the first available menu for the first available group in the context.
    • OG Menu : multiple will display all available menus for all available groups in the context.
  • administer menus directly from within the group, or from a global admin page
  • Use the "OG Menu Default Links" submodule to add default links to groups menus


Drupal 8

We are in alpha until Organic Groups is released
- Please test and provide feedback.

Drupal 7


Version 7.x-3.x (compatible with Organic groups 7.x-2.x)

- Report any issues in the issue queue. Please search first.
- There is an upgrade path from OG Menu 7.x-2.x. Please make sure you update all related modules first and dont forget to backup.

This release is currently maintained by rv0, sponsored by Coworks

Older versions (unsupported)

No further development will happen on these versions. Patches will be committed by the current maintainers after significant community testing/feedback.

- Version 7.x-2.x (compatible with Organic groups 7.x-1.x)
- Version 6.x-2.x
- Version 5.x-1.x

Recommended modules

  • Disable menu blocks will completely halt the definition of menu blocks for OG Menu menus. This can improve performance in several places and un-clutter the admin ui.
Supporting organizations: 
D7 version funding

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