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This module is for sites combining Organic Groups and Mailhandler modules.

I'm pretty sure you don't need this for OG 2.x series. Yay! Please let me know if you've found this code necessary on OG2.x

Currently these two modules have some points of difference, and the og_mailhandler module aims to provide interoperability between the two.

In comments on #559524: Making Mailhandler reject post to OG if author is a not member of OG Moshe requested that a separate module be created to allow code for OG / Mailhandler interoperability to "mature". That would be what the smell is :)

Currently this module aims to resolve the following issues:

* #136606: Mailhandler cannot assign emailed content to group
* #559524: Making Mailhandler reject post to OG if author is a not member of OG

The intended goal of this module is to produce code worth including in OG, at which point this module will be retired.

Patches / feedback / pointers to other mailhandler specific issues in the OG queue are very welcome.

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