Create nodes by email!

Mailhandler uses Feeds to let you post nodes by email. It takes mail (usually from an IMAP mailbox) and imports it as whatever type of content you choose. Plug-in modules allow you to do more awesome things like post comments, select different authentication methods, and set properties such as published / sticky status using "commands". Hugely powerful and flexible, but includes a "quick-start" module to help get you started.

Drupal 8 release

Mailhandler for Drupal 8 was developed as a part of Google Summer of Code 2016, following the road map and motivated by Mailhandler for Drupal 7.

The Drupal 8 version of the module is based on Inmail module and creates a node (of configured content type) from email. Beside the configured content type, you can specify the content type directly in your email subject. It enables you to select different authentication methods and mail analyzers as well.

Mailhandler Comment is a submodule that allows you to post comments by email.

In order to get started with D8 version, feel free to check Installation and How-To read me sections.


For a complete list of features, see the Mailhandler 2.x README file.

To get started, see the "Quick setup" section of the Mailhandler 2.x INSTALL file.

Community documentation:

Mailhandler Add-ons


Mailhandler was originally called "mail2web", and the 1.x branch was previously maintained by Ian Ward and moshe weitzman. Sponsorship has been provided by Praece.

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