This project is not covered by Drupal’s security advisory policy.

This project provides 'yahoo groups' type functionality within Drupal for mailing lists handled by an external mailing list engine.

That is, a mailing list engine (currently only sympa is supported) provides the email part of the functionality, with organic groups on drupal providing the web interface. It is similar to the og2list project in it's goal, but takes a different approach - instead of providing a mailing list engine that extends organic groups, it assumes all mail will be handled by the mailing list manager, and Drupal is the 'client' in a 'client-server' type relationship. The bulk of the complexity of the module comes from keeping messages and list configuration values in sync.

This approach is appropriate in cases where the lists already exist, and/or where most participation is by email and the complex expectations, scaling and features of a full-fledged mailing list manager are desirable.

The current code base has been tested lightly on a production environment under Drupal 4.7 and is now available for Drupal 5. At this stage, only integration with sympa is being pursued, because of its extensive external interface.

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